The East Moline Police Department Command Staff

The East Moline Police Department command staff supervises the operations of the police department and manages one of the major city departments. The police department is divided into two sections, Operations and Services and each division is commanded by a Captain.

The East Moline Police Department has a variety of positions within the department that serve various functions. These positions are important components to effective and efficient police operations. Our department has had a long history of successful men and women who have served in various capacities.

It is important to honor those who have served in these various positions. First, we respect those who have come before us, sometimes laying the groundwork and framework for specific positons.

Second it has been typical, over the 105 plus years of the City police department, that specialty assignments have led to rising through the ranks of the organization. The experiences gained while assigned to these assignments provides invaluable knowledge, skill and experience to lead the department into the future.

The police department has been reorganized many times over its rich tradition. Some specialty positions are not as old as others. Some positions have been redefined over the years and others have been affected by rank restructuring or reorganization.


Command Staff
The East Moline Police Department is organized with rank and file structure, commonly referred to as paramilitary for its similarity to military rank organization. This organization provides for delegation of authority, unity of command, chain of command, direction and coordination and order of rank.

Rank Insignia

Police organizations are paramilitary in organizatonal structure that define leadership and management hierarchy. Insignia on police uniforms are visible displays of identification designating that officer's rank within the department. This visible insignia allows other officers, other agencies, the public and the media to identify who is in charge, or has leadership and management responsibilities.

Police management can be grouped into three categories: 1) chief administrative level, 2) command level, 3) supervisory level.  The chief administrative level consists of the chief executive officer and his staff.  In any police organization, this staff may have various titles such as captain, assistant chief, major, etc and is usually above the rank of lieutenant.  The command level consists of those positions who have authority over the line and staff functions of the organization and are generally those with the rank of lieutenant or above, yet below the administrative level.  The supervisory level consists of those who have limited supervisory duties of line or staff functions and generally are ranking officers below the rank of lieutenant and may have various titles such as sergeant, corporal, supervisor, etc.    

The Chief of Police is the highest ranking police officer in the department. The Chief is appointed by the City Council and commands the department.

Chief Victor Moreno


Captains are administrative staff to the Chief of Police and command divisions within the police department. They receive their duties and responsibilities directly from the Chief of Police.

Captain John Reynolds


Lieutenants command a shift or bureau in which they are assigned and receive their duties and responsibilities directly from the Captain that commands their division. They may command a patrol shift or investigation division.

  • Lt. Tom Reagan -
    Services Commander
  • Lt. Darren Gault -
    Detective Commander
  • Lt. Steve Palcat -
    1st Shift Commander
  • Lt. John Showalter -
    2nd Shift Commander
  • Lt. Brian Foltz-
    3rd Shift Commander

Sergeants are assistant supervisors and receive their duties and responsibilities directly from their immediate Lieutenant.

  • Sgt. Luke Blaser
  • Sgt. Chad Brodersen
  • Sgt. Jeff Ramsey
  • Sgt. Dustin Edkin
  • Sgt. Jim Weakley

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