Special Operations Training

Mutual Aid Box Alarm System

The East Moline Fire Department (EMFD) is 1 of 6 member agencies in Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) Division 43. As part of MABAS 43, EMFD personnel work and train closely with our partner agencies. A very big part of this involves Special Operations Teams. To coordinate these activities, training officers from the different agencies meet regularly with Special Operations Team Coordinators, the RIT Training Coordinator, and other instructors.

These meetings are generally chaired by the MABAS 43 Training Officer. Currently 2 Special Operations Teams are staffed and train on a regular basis. The 2 teams are Hazardous Materials Response Team and the Technical Rescue Team, both a part of MABAS 43.

Special Operation Teams

After becoming a member of 1 of the Special Operations Teams listed above, training is made available to achieve proficiency in the following areas:

  • MABAS 43 - Hazardous Materials Response Team
    • Hazardous Materials Awareness
    • Emergency Response to Terrorism -Basic Concepts
    • Hazardous Materials Operations
    • Hazardous Materials Technician - A
    • Hazardous Materials Technician - B
    • Hazardous Materials Incident Command
  • MABAS 43 - Technical Rescue Team
    • Technical Rescue Awareness
    • Rope Operations
    • Rope Technician
    • Confined Space Operations
    • Confined Space Technician
    • Trench Operations
    • Trench Technician
    • Structural Collapse Operations
    • Structural Collapse Technician
    • Vehicle / Machinery Operations
    • Vehicle / Machinery Technician