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Butterworth Park


  1. Basketball Court
  2. Disc Golf
  3. Electricity
  4. Fishing
  5. Grill
  6. Lagoon
  7. Parking
  8. Picnic Areas
  9. Picnic Shelters
  10. Picnic Tables
  11. Playground
  12. Restrooms
  13. Shelters
Near Soule Bowl stadium, this is a 22 acre park with every available amenity.  The two large shelters have many picnic tables for parties or picnics with nearby grills and electricity.  The park features several swing sets, merry-go-rounds, teeter-totters and new jungle gym equipment.  The park is also complimented with several basketball courts and a restroom building.  Butterworth is secluded scenic park filled with ancient oaks, flowers, and a large stocked lagoon for fishing.