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The City of East Moline currently follows the 2018 International Codes for building, existing buildings, residential, energy, mechanical, property maintenance, and fuel gas. Please call with any questions.

Driveway Permitting

A permit is required for the portion of residential or commercial driveway that is to be constructed or re-constructed within the city right-of-way. This is called the drive “approach” and the permit may be obtained from the Inspection Department for a nominal fee. After obtaining a drive approach permit, work may be performed on the right of way as required to construct the drive approach per code. An approach has specific requirements for depth, and width and sometimes grade; these requirements are shown on the city’s Standard Construction Details 03-03, 03-04, and 03-05. Once the drive approach has been excavated, formed and wire mesh installed, the Engineering Department should be contacted at (309) 752-1540 to schedule an approach inspection prior to pouring concrete; A 24-hour notice is required for approach inspections. Please also feel free to contact the Engineering Department with any questions about driveway approach work.

The portion of driveway that extends outside of the city right-of-way (on private property) does not require a permit for construction or re-construction, but a property owner should ensure that any work performed does not encroach onto neighboring property..

Lead Testing

Please be advised that as of April 22, 2010 all contractors that work on properties built before 1978 need to complete the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Lead-Safe Certified Program, which is required by EPA's Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule.

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