What Next?

Once approval to open a facility or perform body art at an registered facility the city still has to ensure that public health is protected. We do this through inspections, enforcement and license renewal. The following information should help explain what one can expect to encounter:

  1. Inspections
  2. Violations & Enforcement
  3. Renewing Licenses

Routine Inspections

To determine compliance with city and state regulations routine inspections are conducted annually. These inspections are generally unannounced and take about an hour. The health department checks for sanitary conditions and control measures, the artist’s knowledge of disease transmission and efforts they can take to reduce contamination, and compliance with administrative requirements. For a more complete list of items the health department will look at during your inspection and to ensure your facility is on track use this Self-inspection Checklist for Body Art Operations (PDF).

Artist Inspections

When initially applying for a Body Art Technician Permit, and then every other year prior to renewing your city permit, Artist Inspections are conducted. The goal of these inspections is to provide an educational opportunity for both the health department and the artist. The health department observes the artist with a client to ensure proper sanitation controls are used as well as intake and aftercare procedures are followed. These inspections are generally scheduled in advance when the work performed will not take longer than 1 hour since the goal of the inspection is to observe from start to finish. If a facility has multiple artists these can be scheduled at the same time.