How do I dispose of my leaves?

Beginning the first full week of the months of April and November and continuing thru those respective months, yard waste stickers are not required for collection.

  • Republic Services offers a voluntary yard waste cart subscription service for $8.33 per residential unit per month (billed over the 12-month period) for 2023. (This rate would increase to $8.66 next year)  Participation in this subscription service is voluntary and yard waste bag stickers would still be available for those wishing to continue to use yard waste bags and avoid the monthly recurring fee.  Please call 309-752-1530 to sign up.
  • Yard waste collection is available from April  through November and will occur on the same day as your regular trash collection. In order to be collected, yard waste must be set out by 7:00 am, in either a biodegradable paper bag or must have a brush tie. 
    • Please attach a yard waste sticker to each bag or bundle. Brush and tree branches may not exceed 4 feet in length and 4 inches in diameter and must be bundled with jute twine or uncoated string. Bundles must not exceed 2 feet in diameter or 50 pounds in weight.  Yard waste stickers may be purchased at East Moline Jewel, and at Silvis HyVee at the cost of $1.50 per sticker. Brush ties may be purchased at East Moline Jewel and at Silvis HyVee at the cost of $1.75 per brush tie.
  • Mulching your leaves is not only good for your lawn, but it can also save you time and money. So instead of bagging leaves & send them to a landfill, mulch them instead!  In early fall when leaf drop is slow, simply mow the leaves into your lawn. As leaf drop increases or if you have a pile-up of leaves, increase the mowing height as high as it can go.  Then continue to mow over the leaves on a weekly basis. It is as simple as that.  Just like grass clippings, tree leaves have nutrients that will break down over time by the micro-organisms in your soil and will feed your grass.
    Mulching your leaves is also good for the environment. Did you know that yard waste accounts for nearly 12% of the trash collected in the United States? Composting yard litter like leaves helps reduce the amount of methane emitted from landfills and lowers our collective carbon footprint.
  • While not encouraged, burn days are Monday,Wednesday & Saturdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. unless designated a no-burn day by the fire department. Burning Regulations

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