Food Protection

Mission Statement

It is our mission to promote healthy people and healthy communities through the education and regulation of our food service establishments.

 Food Safety Program

Our Food Safety Program assures that food provided for human consumption is wholesome and is produced under safe and sanitary conditions. All food service establishments that sell or serve food to the public must obtain an Annual Food and Beverage Permit and comply with the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Food Service and Retail Food Store Sanitation Codes with city amendments.

The types of establishments permitted include:

  •  Bars
  •  Delis
  •  Grocery stores
  •  Nursing homes
  •  Restaurants
  •  Schools

East Moline currently permits approximately 150 permanent food establishments. The majority of these facilities have 1 to 2 unannounced inspections per year, based on their risk classification. Main objectives during routine inspections are to ensure that safe food handling techniques are being followed, to educate food handlers when violations are observed, and to ensure that the facility is in compliance with all applicable health codes.

Obtaining a Permit

The City of East Moline permit year runs from June 1 to May 31. New establishments or existing facilities that change ownership must go through the plan review process. If you need a hard copy - please visit the Health Department at 912 16th Avenue, East Moline.

Any person or persons who wish to operate any kind of food facility, such as restaurants, bars, markets, concession stands, temporary stands, mobile food units and special events, must obtain a Permit to Operate from the East Moline Health Department.

Annual Food & Beverage Documents

Temporary Food Events

Festivals, fairs, picnics and any event where food is being sold to the public require a temporary permit. Permits must be obtained 10 days prior to the event.

   Temporary Food Event Documents