Fire Inspections

The mission of the Fire Inspector is to protect the lives and property of our citizens and visitors through effective code enforcement, plan review, inspections, and fire investigations.


  • Assist surrounding cities in origin and cause investigations
  • Conduct timely plan review of new construction and existing building remodels
  • Coordinate with City of East Moline departments to protect its citizens and visitors
  • Determine origin and cause of fires in the City of East Moline
  • Develop polices and procedures to prevent fires
  • Enforce correction of code violations
  • Identify and document life safety violations
  • Manage inspection of commercial buildings
  • Perform acceptance test on new and remodeled fire protection systems
  • Work with outside agencies to determine the origin and cause of fires


There are over 450 businesses in the City of East Moline. The Fire Inspector and 3 engine companies perform the inspections of these businesses.

Plan Review

The City of East Moline has adopted the International Fire Code, 2018 edition with amendments. All plans must follow the Sight Plan Review Policy (PDF).

Knox Box Program

The East Moline Fire Department uses the Knox Box Rapid Enter System. All new construction or any existing structures indicated by the fire code officials, are required to utilize the Knox Box Rapid Entry System. The location, height, and number of keys shall be approved by the code official.