Community Policing

Officer Brian Yuska is assigned to our Community Oriented Policing program. Community policing, recognizing that police rarely can solve public safety problems alone, encourages interactive partnerships with relevant stakeholders. The range of potential partners is large, and these partnerships can be used to accomplish the two interrelated goals of developing solutions to problems through collaborative problem solving and improving public trust. The public should play a role in prioritizing and addressing public safety problems.

One of Ofc. Yuska's assignments is a partnership with the Greater Metropolitan Area Housing Authority and the East Moline Police Department. Ofc. Yuska meets with residents at the housing authority and works to solve problems and improve the overall safety and quality of life at those locations.

In addition to GMAHA, Ofc. Yuska also works with management at Blackhawk Hills Apartments and Deerfield Apartments to reduce crime and solve housing problems.

Additionally, Ofc. Yuska spends time improving public trust, presenting on public safety programs and interacting with area youth. We are proud of the work that Ofc. Yuska is doing to make our community a better place.

Police Officer Standing with a Young Boy