Municipal Code Enforcement System (MUNICES)

The cities of East Moline, Moline and Rock Island participate in the Municipal Code Enforcement System (MUNICES). MUNICES hears a wide range of cases involving violations of municipal ordinances that were once heard in the Rock Island County Circuit Court. Having hearings at the Rock Island City Hall in MUNICES court expedites resolutions, reduces litigation expenses, and allows the Circuit Court to focus on more serious offenses for criminal prosecution. Hearings in MUNICES court are more convenient for residents who wish to contest a ticket or citation.

An administrative hearing is a civil, not a criminal proceeding. Cases filed in adjudication are punishable by fines. Under the administrative hearing system, a Hearing Officer, not the city entity that issued the ticket, complaint, or notice of violation, hears cases brought before the court. MUNICES hears the following types of cases: Police issued city ordinance tickets, building violations, and zoning violations.

A city inspector, civil service officer, or police officer may issue a ticket or notice of violation of a complaint. A case may also be initiated following a citizen or community complaint.