Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE)

The City of East Moline was awarded a 23.7 million dollar RAISE grant! More information here.

This web page contains the grant narrative and supporting documents for the City of East Moline's RAISE 2022 discretionary grant application.

RAISE Grant Graphic

East Moline has been working for some time on an overall master plan to improve connectivity, equity, and accessibility in the downtown area.  This year, the city embarked on an all-inclusive effort to create a comprehensive, sustainable Greater Downtown community that better integrates key goals of economic prosperity, social vibrancy, ecological integrity, and human experiences.  

Strengthening Downtown, Connecting Communities


East Moline’s Greater Downtown Revitalization Project would better connect the City’s older downtown core – centered around 15th Avenue – and new entertainment and tourism attractions to its north. The project was developed through a collaborative downtown master planning process that matched resident and local business goals with targeted improvements.

While East Moline is proud of its manufacturing legacy, declines in industry have diminished activity downtown, leading to disinvestment. The project would Greater Downtown East Moline a much-needed, sustainable face-lift while dramatically improving safety and connectivity. The overall project will improve connections to the community’s greatest natural asset: the Mississippi River.

The project builds on continuing investments in East Moline’s riverfront, including redevelopment of brownfield industrial sites between 12th Avenue and the Mississippi River. The City’s work has attracted an event center, hotel, and music venue that are drawing significant foot traffic and tourism. However, in its current configuration, 12th Avenue serves as a barrier to connectivity that prevents this economic activity from carrying over into the City’s downtown core. Similarly, residents of downtown areas and patrons of downtown shops and restaurants are unable to safely access transit, recreational opportunities, and jobs at these sites and throughout the Quad Cities region.

15th Avenue 2
15th Avenue 1

East Moline’s Greater Downtown Revitalization Project would:

  • Enhance pedestrian connectivity through trail connections, added crossings, and improved sidewalks
  • Give residents and visitors more transportation options through improved access to transit stops, bike facilities, and trails
  • Provide blocks of curb-less “festival” streetscaping that would enhance accessibility, aesthetics, and flexibility by creating a multi use pedestrian spaces between shops and streets.
  • Convert a passive pedestrian rail crossing at 7th Street to an active crossing, improving safety and facilitating connection between the districts
  • Reduce storm-water runoff through use of green infrastructure throughout downtown
  • Improve quality of life and strengthen economic development through a renewed sense of place in Downtown East Moline

Downtown District

  • Full street reconstruction 
  • Curbless “festival” streets with widened pedestrian zone
  • Upgraded pedestrian ramps and sidewalk pathways, including ADA improvements
  • Reconstructed and improved streetscaping along 15th Avenue
  • Multi use spaces between streets and shops for outdoor seating, eating, sales, etc.
  • Green infrastructure improvements –stormwater planters and permeable parking and increased canopy and shade
  • Lighting improvements
  • Wayfinding and signage

Rust Belt Connection

  • New sidewalks and streetscape on 7th Street and 12th Avenue, connecting this area to The Bend and Downtown Districts
  • Upgraded at-grade rail crossings and safety enhancement
  • Traffic-calming features and reduced speed limit on 12th Avenue
  • New multi-use path
  • Wayfinding and streetscaping to maintain continuity with Downtown District
  • Increased lighting
  • Enhanced transit access for buses, weekend trolley stops.

The Bend District Improvements

  • Added multi-modal connections, including bike route, transit facilities, and pedestrian connections to Great River Trail
  • New sidewalks to connect additional development
  • Extension of Bend Boulevard and 6th Avenue to 7th Street
  • Connection to Rust Belt District
  • Wayfinding and streetscaping to maintain continuity with Downtown District
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